Founded in 2000, A-Tel Communication has become a leading service provider of Business Telephone Systems, Security Systems and Voice Data cabling. Servicing the Los Angeles,

 Antelope Valley, Palmdale, Lancaster, Quartz Hill, Littlerock, Rosamond and neighboring communities. We are a full service Phone Systems, Surveillance Cameras and Wiring Solutions for your business and residence in the A.V. We are your communications and Security cameras specialists!

Experience Our 100% Satisfaction Policy

Striving to provide great service; A-Tel Communication embraces a 100% satisfaction policy, ensuring every job a success.

We are fortunate to have worked with many businesses and homes across the Los Angeles, Antelope Valley, our most recent customers include: Charter College, Sam’s Silk Screening, Hervi’s Sign Service, CCS Check Cashing, Quartz Hill Garden, AV Boxing Academy Inc.

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  • Charter College
  • Sam’s Silk Screening
  • Hervi's Sign Service
  • CCS Check Cashing
  • Quartz Hill Garden
  • AV Boxing Academy
  • Topson Down Clothing


A-Tel Communication


A-Tel Communication is proud to offer the following services for your business and residence: Telephone Systems, Security Systems and Voice, Data cabling. Now servicing the entire Antelope Valley including: Palmdale, Lancaster, Quartz Hill, Littlerock and Rosamond and neighboring communities. With our 100% satisfaction policy, A-Tel is your communications specialists!

Phone Systems


Our phone system services consist of the Installation, Service and Repair of your phone system, whether you are working with 2 or 32 phone lines, Analog or Voice over IP (VoIP), let A-Tel keep you in the conversation.

Adding lines? Relocating your business? We can help, call us today!

Panasonic, Toshiba, NEC, Nortel BCM

Surveillance Cameras


Professional security camera systems for your business and residence. Protect your business investments and love ones at home, with our high quality security cameras, nanny cam, monitors, or CCTV surveillance systems.

In this tough economy many businesses and homes are skipping paying for alarm services, don’t take the risk, make a one time investment in a surveillance cameras system and protect your most valuable investments today!

High Quality Security Cameras, Nanny Cam, Monitors and CCTV

Voice and Data Wiring


A-Tel Communication will keep you connected, through our array of Voice and Data Wiring Services. 

Call us today and get connected!

• Adds, Moves, and Changes
• Voice and Data (Cat 5)
• Networking (Cat 5e and Cat 6)
• All Custom Wiring
• WiFi/Wireless Network Installation
• Fiber Optic Cabling
• Video Security Cameras

See From Your Cell Phone From Anywhere

• Paging

Avaya, Lucent, Nortel, NEC, Panduit

Special circuits


With the massive demands for faster bandwidth for your business and residence, A-Tel Communication ensures you’re up and running at blazing speeds with your Internet , T1 and PRI installations. 

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• Adds, Moves, and Changes
• Internet Wiring, Telephone Activation.
• T1
• Fiber Optic
• MPOE/Demarc

AT&T, Verizon, Telepacific

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A-Tel Communication

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